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HIDEOUT is the ultimate indoor playground for play dates and birthday parties for younger children in the Ventura county! . The Hideout offers a variety of party packages to meet everybody's needs. We are the only playground who custom makes ALL the decorations with our Ultimate Party Package




Sherry Ehya, the founder of Hideout and mother of three young children, got her degree in Fine Arts and Photography. Taking her own kids to a variety of indoor playgrounds motivated her to design a unique, modern facility enjoyable for both kids and parents. She was able to achieve her goal in collaboration with a famous LA based architect to transform the space into a one of a kind indoor playhouse.


All materials and surfaces were specifically selected for the design and structure with Sherry's number one priority in mind: cleanliness & safety. 


                        Sherry, the original owner and her family decided to move on to the next chapter in their lives. The new owner, has been bringing their son since he was a baby. The older he got the clearer it became that he does have some difficulties with speech and some severe sensory issues. He started to have therapy at the Hideout and it became clear that her son loved this place as his second home. When Sully was diagnosed with Autism the Hideout helped him in more ways than one. It helped with his social anxiety and to be more open to playing with others. It made since for the Buhary family to take over the business because they have a very deep rooted connection to the hideout.  

The Buhary family is committed on keeping the hideout a safe and fun place for kids and parents! 

You can read KZ's blog here at to know more about her and her son's interesting sweet life stories.












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